Evolving formulas to fit your data


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The FormulaZoo(tm) formula generator is a service that generates a formula to fit your data. Unlike tools that tune parameters given a formula structure, FormulaZoo determines both the formula structure and parameters. FormulaZoo is free as shown. A Pro version is under development. FormulaZoo uses linear and non-linear regression mathematics for the regression calculator engine. It performs curve fitting for almost any dataset.

To generate a formula:


Select formula building blocks via checkboxes.


Select number of input variables.


Type input and result data or copy from spreadsheet.


Select formula size via slider.


Click Start.


Wait for results in formula box.


Use formula to make extrapolations and predictions.

FormulaZoo collects only usage statistics and does not retain your data.

If you work with numbers or formulas you need FormulaZoo. FormulaZoo is software that generates formulas from your data. Did you ever work on a spreadsheet and have to fiddle and fiddle with a formula to fit your data? FormulaZoo finds the formula for you. The formula generator is quick and easy to use. Use FormulaZoo to generate formulas in almost any industry: consumer marketing, healthcare research, environmental science, political science and clean energy. FormulaZoo works in mathematics, engineering, statistics, chemistry, economics, education, accounting, investing, manufacturing, and much more. The powerful math engine discovers important properties of your data, saving you time and money. You just might be surprised how this new technology will become an essential tool. Try FormulaZoo with your data today!